Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Online Slots


Looking to make some quick cash by alternatif joker123 gambling? Want to try going to a brick-and-mortar casino but you still aren’t able to leave your house because of the current pandemic? It’s probably time for you to look into online casinos!

But with so many of them littered across the web, where do you start? What games should you play?

One of the most attractive games for beginners and casual players is online slots. Why? Because having skill is not a requirement to play. Your only foe is RNG, and there are ways to mitigate even that.

Strategies to Help You Win at Slots

Now, online slots are as randomized as most gambling games can be, but that doesn’t stop regular players from trying to form a strategy.

Here are some that they’ve come up with to help beginners like you out.

Priming the pump

The phrase originally refers to stimulating a pump, or any kind of mechanism, by pumping small amounts of water into the pump to ease the flow of water later on; basically to get it started.

Similarly in gambling, the phrase refers to putting out your money in order to get money in return. Small losses and wins, in the beginning, are mandatory at first. But as you escalate your bet to even larger ones, RNG dictates that the machine will eventually be ready to payout.

Waiting for the Slot to Pay Out/ Finding Slots with a High RTP

Of course, it is impossible to predict when a slot is going to payout. There will always be an element of randomness associated with it.

But by recognizing when a particular slot machine is about to cash out, your chances of winning automatically go up.

Every slot machine has a Return-to-Player  (RTP) statistic that determines how often said slot machine will grant the player a win. Therefore, the goal is to find machines with an RTP stat of 90 to 96 percent.

How will you find online slot machines with a high RTP? Research, research, research!

Of course, you’ll need to research. It is YOUR money on the line after all. You can find out which slots offer the highest RTP  scanning message boards, reading reviews on certain online casinos, and researching the game developers of the slots you’ll be playing.

Playing Highly Volatile Slots

The volatility of a slot refers to the amount of risk taken when playing a slot. Lower volatile slots cash out more often but with lower to mid-sized payouts to balance that. Higher volatile slots cash out less frequently but offer a huge payout when won.

If you’re not into such a high-risk gamble though, you can still get a thrill from playing the lower volatility slots. You’ll earn more in the beginning with how often it cashes out which is great if you were looking to make a quick buck to start with.

Recommended Strategy

So assuming you’ve already found a slot with an RTP of 90 or higher, it’s now time to look for the one that will pay you the most.

Please take note, that since you are a beginner, it is recommended you first “prime the pump” with lower volatile slots.