Poker player types

Poker player types – The Stone Killer


Among the four different types of players in poker is a game style which is particularly feared: the Stone Killer. This type of player is feared at every table, because he often wins and rarely loses. What exactly is now a Stone Killer? A Stone Killer is usually already be regarded as a professional player. He has mastered all the basic things that are relevant in poker. He knows all the strategies and knows to use them profitably for themselves. It is a masterpiece of the Bluffs, knows each variant to play any hand and is able to analyze his opponent quickly and correctly. Types of players as the maniac and the Stone Killer are bringing some point of the concept and are more likely to be weaker styles of play. The gameplay of Stone Killers, however, is hard to beat. This kind of playing is seen mainly at the top players and professionals in the poker scene. However, the reinforcement is to this style of play is not advisable, but in general the Stone Killer style is profitable. Stone Killer go very tight aggressive approach to the game. Stone Killer often wait for very strong hands or alternatively a monetary advantage to attack the opponent.

When you play against a Stone Killer, you should prepare yourself for the fact that this often answers a raise with a re-raise. The Stone Killer plays statistically less than 25% of his hands. But he plays the hands that it seemed to him worth more aggressively. Its operations are then correspondingly high and the Potts grow tremendously. The Stone Killer is in a pot, growing his chance to win and at the same time can be thought of as the opponent almost certain that the loss of the pot is imminent. Loses the Stone Killer a couple Potts, you can watch his stack as he fades away quickly rather drastically. However, the Stone Killer playing only strong hands, so his hand is always fraught with a great profit potential. In the long run this kind is seen to play a very profitable and therefore a good way to win money.

For the Stone Killer bluffing is easier to implement than for other types of players. Often opponents have extreme respect for the Stone Killer and his playing style. This bluffing is facilitated, because the fold equity when Stone Killer is higher than in the other game modes. In a Stone Killer each player is clear that the Stone Killer often times remains with very weak hands in the pot. This player needs to type evenings without good hands extremely a lot of patience, because there are then carried him very few hands ever played. The course also minimized his losses. If one recognizes now a Stone Killer at his table and one is the fact clear to have a killer Stone before him, one can start with a counter-attack. This counter-attack can succeed only if the unique play style is adapted and you play even very tight. It’s against the Stone Killer in many situations no sense to mess with him because you can very safely assume that he already holds a much stronger hand than you do against the Stone Killer, it is important to practice patience to wait for a strong hand. The Stone Killer will eventually feel so sure that he is a fall into the trap when one sets up for him. If you have the opportunity to choose his own seat, it is advisable to take on the left side of the Stone Killers place.

Many players in the poker scene claiming this type of game is the best. This is in due course, but you have to be very careful not to stubborn to insist on this style of play. The most important thing in poker games, getting adapted to the conditions his style of play and to change his style again and again to not be readable as possible for the opponent. In summary, one can specify a tight aggressive style of play of the Stone Killers so. So good this game style is also basically, you should never commit to just one particular strategy but they all dominate possible to. If you unmasked by other good players at the table as Stone Killer, it can be a fast pass that they will demonstrate a very solid game, despite this manner. It definitely makes sense to lie down this style of play especially his heart, he is a very good base to come forward and tournaments to play in the front ranks. One must not forget, for the others to remain unreadable in the modified one his style again and again. So you have mastered the playing style of the Stone Killers and one is able to set this style also aside in order to blend with other styles, the opponents to confuse one is well on the way to be even a top player. So play tight-aggressive, then you will in the long run definitely be among the winners.