Poker Facebook Apps


Poker players are no longer dependent on a PC when a round is to be played poker online. Instead, there are now a number of high quality Poker Facebook apps, which offer the player poker experience on the go. But to which incumbents can rely on smart phone and tablet owners, and what do you have to offer them?

Probably the largest supplier of poker Facebook Apps is currently Zynga Poker. This provider specializes in the most popular game variant Texas Hold’em and puts on a nice cartoon graphics. In addition, players have the ability to upload your own avatars, whereby each participant can see his opponent. Zynga Poker allows it users to live to compete against other Facebook friends, so must not be taken forcibly to play against strangers. The latter is of course also possible, may also participate in Sit-N-Go tournaments. During the game, the players in turn is a live chat available so that it can be entered directly in contact with the four to eight opponents. Ultimately, support Zynga Poker even SD cards and allows you to play over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

Another major player in the Poker Facebook Apps sector is the World Series of Poker App, which is now also available for this social network. The graph falls in this program rather minimalist, but not too disruptive effect because as the overview is maintained. In addition, players can upload their photos here as well, which contributes that the player actually feel has to compete against real opponents. The controller is optimized for smartphones and succeed through the buttons large area held at the lower edge of the pitch. Another highlight of the playable poker variants can be called, in which it also is next to the well-established Texas Hold’em to Omaha Poker. The Facebook app WSOP depends therefore also for advanced players who are looking for a change and play strong opponents.

Ultimately, of course, may also PokerStars on the Facebook poker app market is not lacking. In this program, especially the fact falls on positive that there are successes which can be gradually unlocked. In addition, PokerStars offers the zoom mode in which to run the rounds every second, so that the mobile poker degenerates to no dogged.