Knowing the Odds in Video Poker


It may surprise many players to learn the video poker is probably the best chance to play in the casino, giving the house the lowest edge. Casinos, both real as well as online, it can afford to offer such great opportunities, because they are applicable only with proper strategy, which does not use the most players. It is also important to note that you need to know which payments represent one full payment table. Machines that do not pay full, the casino offer a much higher advantage.

Jacks or Better “Full Pay” machine

A full pay machine is one that provides for optimum payments that you meet a hand. In a Jacks or better machine, the typical machine where you least a pair of Jacks need for a withdrawal, use a full pay machine when a full house pays at least nine coins and a flush at least six.

Also known as the 9/6 machine, your odds are better if you have a perfect video poker strategy to use than pretty much any other game in the casino, with a house edge of less than 1 percent. This means that more than 99 cents of every dollar used the machine pays on average if played correctly. When was played wrong, the house advantage is much higher, which is why it is important to learn the right strategy before you pay video poker.

Deuces Wild “full pay” machines

In Deuces Wild version of the game, in which a Deuce each card can represent and you need at least three-a-kind, to win, the odds are actually in the favor of the player with the optimal strategy, with a player advantage of almost 1 percent. The machines are hard to find and the maximum allowable bet is quite low. A full pay deuces wild machine pays nine coins for a straight flush and five for four of a kind.