Video Poker Money Management


For those who want to come out on top, video poker is one of the best games in the casino. If played correctly, video poker has virtually no house edge. However, even with a great game, a decent money management is necessary in order to be successful.

Video poker money management

Even with a low house edge of less than one percent, when played correctly and at the right machine, a streak of bad luck can wipe out an unprepared player. Therefore, it is important to have a balance with them, which is large enough so as to survive a storm.

With a house edge of one percent, you can expect to lose a dollar from $ 100 dollar set. If you play fast enough to push through $ 100 in 5 minutes, you can take the credit of only $ 100 is not very far. So you want to have a credit balance there that allows you the opportunity to grab luckily after a long losing streak.

Video poker money management tips

Determine how much you want to bet per hour and then try to figure out how much you would lose per hour based on the house edge. For example if you bet $ 100 per hour and the house advantage is five per cent, then you can expect to lose five dollars an hour on average. If you have a $ 500 credit, you should have enough to play for five hours ($ 5 per hour = $ 100x5Std. = $ 500).